Your expert utility locator in Wellington

Customer-focused drain location services

Allied Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd in Wellington is your best bet for locating and unblocking drains. Our utility locator technology means we can find, diagnose, clear blockages, and when necessary repair pipes quickly, reliably, and without fuss. We get the job done and get out of your way, leaving only clear pipes and drains - we clean up as we go. 


With years of experience under our belts, Allied Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd has seen most drain issues many times before. This means the process of locating and unblocking your drains is expedited, as we can quickly diagnose issues and have an solid understanding of what it takes to resolve them. Call us in Wellington today and speak to a specialist utility locator. 

Competitively priced

A significant difference between Allied Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd and other ground radar teams is our commitment to highly reasonable rates. We work quickly without sacrificing quality, and all while keeping associated costs to a minimum. 

Latest techniques

Allied Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd employs the latest techniques and technologies to locate utilities and pipes reliably and efficiently. We use utility locator technology, diagnostic drain cameras, electronic pipe locaters, and high-pressure hydro-jet machines for locating and unblocking drains. Speak to our experts in Wellington today and have your drains serviced by the professionals. 

Work that only can be done through the use of a utility locator in Wellington